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The next big revolution will be in the world of energy. Energy grids are poised to get smart and interactive. New nano sources throw up tantalizing possibilities. New methods are helping to offer smooth and uninterrupted quality power. Also emerging on the horizon are new ways of developing and accessing energy sources. As the world gears up to make the transition to clean and green energy, the entire business model is poised for a make-over. It becomes imperative to know how best to deploy technology for optimum and sustained results.

We, at Enzen, are in sync with the changing times. Our knowledge practitioners combine years of operational experience and domain expertise with the latest in cutting edge technology and methodology to prescribe the right solution for your challenges. Our understanding of regulations pave the way for quick and transparent project implementation, while our extended support beyond project implementation ensures smooth and satisfactory functioning.

Enzen's business portfolio includes the full range of consulting, strategy formulation and design, development and implementation services, process optimization with value addition, focused on enhancing productivity at optimized cost. Our spectrum of offerings includes infrastructure development, loss reduction, revenue enhancement, IT solutions, system integration, audits, asset management, consultancy in policy and planning, project management, regulatory compliance, environmental management, etc.


At Enzen, we combine domain expertise and operational experience with the latest...

Be the spark, or ignite it. Choose your role in our blog where we discuss the old, new and the futuristic, challenges and solutions in empowering the world with sustainable energy.

Enzen partners with IUKAN 2013 to boost viability & service delivery improvements in Power & Water Utility PPP models. The Indian PPP market in Power and Water utilities is growing fast, especially in last few years. The sector is seen to be a fast emerging and has generated positive traction from all stakeholders. It is estimated that sector has not touched even one percent of the potential market. 

"Enzen continues to demonstrate the behaviours that we value - recognising the business value from projects, taking end to end ownership.."

- CIO, Large UK Utility Company

"We preferred Enzen, as they had done some excellent work for us"

- Director of Procurement for a large Gas utility company in the UK

Enzen has brought in a fresh professional perspective to the business...
Enzen’s Gas practice focuses on identifying the needs of this fast changing...
Enzen provides a range of consulting services as a System Integrator in the ...
Enzen provides a range of consulting services as a System Integrator in the ...
Enzen understands energy and environmental policy, as well as energy...
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